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Picture Gallery Composer-In-Residence 2022/23

After five months of incredibly hard work and collaboration with poet Genevieve Stevens and the Royal Holloway Chapel Choir, we were treated to the premiere of Applicants for Admission and to a range of other works by chosen composers for the scheme. It was an incredible evening showing a diverse range of musical palettes and artistic inspirations from both creative writers and composers alike. To top it all off, it was wonderful for all our works to be performed the beautiful Picture Gallery on Royal Holloway's campus.

Choosing the painting of the same name by Luke Fildes, we both wanted to take the perspective of those found within the painting and shed light on their unbearably bleak conditions. Seeking refuge from the inhospitable cold, these individuals were either sentenced to victorian workhouses or left on the street. The light of salvation and saviour grew dimmer by the minute for these poor souls.

For more information on this work, follow this link.


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