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Commissioned by Carla Rees for PLAY! Festival 2023

It was incredibly fortunate to be selected as one of the six composers to write for esteemed flautist Carla Rees as part of PLAY! Festival 2023. Over the course of several workshops across one month, I composed Birdsong in Isolation for alto flute. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn and write for a new instrument and to hear so many other innovative and immersive works by fellow composers. The collaborative project concluded with Carla performing and recording the works in the presence of a live audience. It was lovely to see that some old faces from Essex unexpectedly attended as well!

Birdsong in Isolation is one of two compositions written as part of my postgraduate composition portfolio. The workshop provided a valuable and enriching opportunity to hear my work as it was being written and to refine areas would have otherwise been overlooked. For more information about the event, visit here


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