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Appointed to PoppyHarp Composer Project 2024

I'm so thrilled to announce that I am one of several composers selected for this year's PoppyHarp Composer Project. Teaming up with esteemed harpist Bethan Conway, I'll be spending the next few months working to complete a collection of harp miniatures I started during my time at MusicFest Aberystwyth in August 2023. I can't wait to get continue developing these pieces and add them to the growing contemporary classical repertoire for such an ethereal instrument.

Each composer will work with a renowned harpist, for up to 5 sessions, dependent on the piece. You will learn about the instrument and how to create a piece that reflect each composers unique style and also compliments the instrument. They will work with a harpist from May - October and receive passionate and tailored advice on composing for the harp from leading harpists around the world. 

For more information about PoppyHarp Composer Project, click here.


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