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New choral work: "Applicants for admission"

Applicants for admission is inspired by both Genevieve's poem and the source of inspiration itself, Applicants for Admission to a Casual Ward, this collaborative work for vocal octet aims to convey the doleful imagery portrayed by Luke Filde's brush strokes. I took a great amount of care when setting the words as I wanted to make sure that the powerful meaning behind Genevieve's words were never hindered.

This piece gives a voice to those found in the painting and addresses the struggles that they are facing. It opens with a cold, dark landscape with no sense of hope in sight. As the piece progresses, their voices grow and grow, gradually becoming louder and restless, until they finally find the strength to unite and spur each other on. However, the unity and hope that they share is ultimately futile, and the piece tragically shifts back into the dark landscape that it began with.

For more information about this work, follow this link.


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