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Mycelium echoes (2024)

c. 3'

7 Flt.

Programme Note:

Like most Brits, I spent one evening watching Sir David Attenborough and his beloved documentaries on all things wildlife and was completely awe-struck at a segment shedding light on how fungus is more than just ‘mushrooms sprouting from the dirt’ and learnt about Mycelium: a huge structure of fungi hidden beneath the soil, threading and connecting the forest to itself to share water and minerals in return for sugar from the photosynthesising plants above. As one of the many examples of harmony in nature, I pondered on how such an idea could be reflected in music.


Mycelium echoes aims to take this ecological cycle and applies it to seven flutes. The piece grows out of itself through canonic echoes and isorhythms as the music expands into the performative space. The architecture of dots on a page is also something I have been fascinated by when studying an array of orchestrations so I sought to apply a focus on this here as well, allowing the piece instead grows from the middle of the ensemble outwards - much like branches or roots from a tree, or in this case, mycelium through the ground.

For all score and recording enquiries, please contact Matthew Elderton-Lewis via the CONTACT page.

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