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Slinkies, blocks and train sets (2024)


Wind Orchestra

Written to reflect the unwavering power of the imagination, this piece depicts scenes of childhood fun and the stories we conjure up when playing with toys.


Odonata (2023)

c. 10'

Symphony Orchestra

Inspired by a trip to Paper Mill Lock in Essex, this piece encapsulates the dragonflies and damselflies seen dancing along the canal water in the heat of the summer sun.

Chamber (5+)


Mycelium echoes (2024)

c. 3'

7 Flt.

Mycellium echoes takes the concept of ecological harmony in fungi to create a work for seven flutes which grows out of its canonic echoes, isorhythms and intervallic rotations.


Memories in rust and cobwebs (2023)

c. 7'30"

Flt. Clt. Tpt. Vln. Vla. Vc.

Memories in rust and cobwebs musically encapsulates the percussive nature of a scrapyard, the decaying artefacts, and the lingering memories found within them.

Chamber (2-4)


Scrolling, scrolling... scrolling! (2024)


Ob. Vc. Perc.

Written as part of Britten Sinfonia's Opus 1 Scheme, this piece aims to reflect our obsessive use of social media and the effect that it has on us.


Here endeth the lesson (2024)

c. 2'

Vln. Vln. Vla. Vc.

Written for Belle Quartet's first EP, this piece takes inspiration from Brian De Palma's The Untouchables (1987) in portraying the murky underworld of a prohibition stricken Chicago.


On moor and mountain (2023)

c. 4'

Flt. Vc.

On moor and mountain takes the first line of a Fukada Chiyo-ni thought-provoking haiku and creates a landscape inspired by Native America and its musical culture.



Water miniatures (2024)



Shortlisted and recorded as part of PoppyHarp Composer Project 2024, Water miniatures intends to reflect the journey of water towards the Atlantic Ocean and beyond.


Birdsong in isolation (2023)

c. 5'

A Flt.

Commissioned by esteemed flautist Carla Rees as part of the 2023 PLAY! Festival, this work for alto flute encapsulates a birdsong which never receives a reply.



Applicants for admission (2023)

c. 5'30"


Written during my composer-in-residence at Royal Holloway Picture Gallery, I collaborated with poet Genevieve Stevens to write this vocal octet inspired by a Luke Fildes' painting.

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